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Akton of 9th Vega (Marjoe Gortner)

First line of dialogue: "Ah ha, looks like the cops!"

Other quote: "You would have tried to change the future, which is against the law. So therefore I can tell you nothing. Lets find the 3rd launch!"

Akton with Lightsaber Smuggler, alien pathfinder, best navigator in the galaxy, he owns a lightsaber and has magical powers that include seeing into the future, reflecting laser beams, de-thawing frozen people and doing something with his eyes to make a guy stumble backwards. He can also project simple graphics above his hands that look like someone drew on the film negative with a felt pen. Akton eventually realises how useless he is and spontaneously combusts.

With his dirty blonde afro and red leather outfit, Akton was probably the inspiration for "Americas Greatest Hero". He's got some of the most hilarious lines in the movie, but then everytime he speaks you can't help laughing. Whether it's "Yeah! Ha ha!", "These deadly rays will be your death." or "What's your problem, ship's computer, huh?"

Akton Demonstrates his Powers Is Akton human? Thor refers to Akton as an "alien pathfinder". But Thor isn't human, so maybe he calls all humans aliens. Stella says that Akton is her "only human-like friend". His powers are certainly super-human in nature.

Luigi Cozzi's synopsis states Akton belongs to the Lost Race of Varna which is why he has mind powers. In the screenplay he is described as "humanoid, but the upper part is more reminiscent of a shellfish, with dark brown skin and webbed hands. The head is bald,with a very high forehead. The eyes are bright gold in color, with an intense, deep and wise expression."

Marjoe Gortner's name is a cross between "Mary" and "Joseph". He was a child evangelists who launched his career into acting when he revealed corruption in his ministry in the 1972 film, Marjoe.

Filmography of Marjoe Gortner (Internet Movie Database)

Akton Sound Bites (click quote for clip)
"We've just survived an attack of the most powerful weapon in the entire galaxy!"
"And you must be extremely careful when the sun sets. The temperature drops thousands of degrees."

Akton Kungfu Fighting Akton battles the Golem

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