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Stella Star
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UPDATED: April 23, 2006

STARCRASH (1979) Italy/USA. 92min, color. Dir. Luigi Cozzi (as Lewis Coates).

Taglines: "Galactic Adventures Beyond Your Wildest Dreams"
"From A Vast And Distant Galaxy - A Space Adventure For All Time!"

Logline: A space heroine and an ace navigator comb the galaxy in search of an evil count's hidden lair.

Review: "Trio of adventurers (woman, man, robot) sent by emperor Plummer square off against interstellar evil (Spinell) by using their wits and technological wizardry. Semi-funny and cheesy sci-fi, done with style beyond its limited budget. **1/2" - Videohound

Alternative Titles: Star Crash, The Adventures of Stella Star, Female Space Invaders, Scontri Stellari Oltre La Terza Dimensione (Italy), Stella Star, Sterne im Duell (West Germany), Ginga Sensou (Galaxy War, Japan), Uchyu Icyodai Senkan Starship SOS (SOS from Giant Galaxy Starship, Japan), Starcrash Uchyu Dai Sensou (Starcrash Galaxy Giant War, Japan), Le Choc Des Etoiles (France), Starcrash: Ataque Interstelar (Mexico), Avaruus Sota: Attack I Rymden (Finland), Fezada Garpisanlar (Turkey), Choque De Galaxias (Spain), Pakao U Svemiru (Yugoslavia), Rymddeullen.

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