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I recently recieved an email from Stephen announcing that the long awaited Stacrash book will finally be released in July 2006! His email also contained the following:

"Stephen Romano hereby thanks all of the world's crashers for their help, and would like one last favor. The publisher wants to re-title the book with a less "obscure" moniker, something that really says what it's about, without the sort of nerdy in-joke connotation of the current COMPROMISING HYPERSPACE tag. I LOVE my original title . . . but they want something more along the lines of THE STAR MOVIE WAR or some shit like that! Anyway, here's the challenge I issue: I need a new title that suggests something like that, but is much more clever. (I will NEVER allow a book to be published with my name on it that is called THE STAR MOVIE WAR. Yeesh.) All suggestions are welcome---and if yours is used, you will receive a hardcover copy of the book, signed by myself, Luigi Cozzi, and Caroline Munro."

I'm not exactly sure what the publisher is going for, I guess they want something suggestive of the fact that Starcrash was made as a result of the huge popularity of Star Wars. I can see how relating a book to Star Wars would sell a lot more copies...

If anyone has any ideas i'm sure Stephen would love to hear from you. He can be reached at:
Stephen Romano /